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How to Become a Licensed Contractor in California, Nevada, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon

Apr 18, 2024

From new home builds and renovations to office buildings and industrial structures, chances are you’ll need a state-issued contractor license before embarking on a new project. Across the United States,…

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California Contractor Surety License Bond Renewal: What You Need to Know

Apr 16, 2024

Are you planning to work, or already working as, a licensed contractor in California? Before getting started on your next project, you’ll need to make sure you meet the requirements…

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Understanding the Different Types of Contract Surety Bonds

Apr 10, 2024

Most construction projects today require contract surety bonds. A surety bond is issued to a business entity that engages in a contract with another party. In construction, a surety bond…

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Tips for Reducing Your Contractor License Bond Premiums

Apr 8, 2024

Contractors embarking on new projects, from residential builds and renovations to industrial structures and institutional facilities, likely need to file a license bond. License bonds are typically required as part…

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A Contractor’s Guide for Developing Contracts in Oregon

Mar 27, 2024

Before embarking on an exciting new construction contract, it’s important to get all the details written down in a legal contract. Developing a contract can be intimidating for contractors –…

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A Contractor’s Guide for Developing Contracts in Nevada

Mar 21, 2024

When beginning a new construction project, being on the same page as your client is crucial. A written contract ensures both parties are in sync and protects contractors and clients…

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A Contractor’s Guide for Developing Contracts in Washington State

Mar 18, 2024

Beginning a construction project brings plenty of excitement and legal details, too. As you start drafting a contract for clients in the state of Washington, there are requirements to consider…

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Why Are Surety Bonds Based on Personal Credit?

Mar 5, 2024

Contractors looking to embark upon a new project must understand the ins and outs of personal credit. While you may have thought about your credit score when applying for a…

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What Factors Go Into the Cost of Bonds

Feb 28, 2024

License bonds for contractors are binding contracts among three parties: the principal (contractor), obligee (entity requiring the bond), and surety provider that guarantees the contractor’s obligations. Most states require contractors…

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